French Lesson Plan

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Subjects: Foreign Language, Geography, Social Studies

For students of 4th to 12th grade.

Title: Quebec
Author: Maria Petitt
Grade level: 4-5
Duration: four 40-minute class periods
Materials: Computers, CD
Assessment Plan: Rubric 

Essential Question: Why is it important to study other cultures?

Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of diverse cultures.
1.	Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language.
2.	Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.


Students will be divided in small groups to create an electronic class portfolio about Quebec. 

First and Second Day: 
Teacher will divide the students in six small groups. Each group will be assigned an assignment. The final product is due by the end of the second day.

Group 1: 
Your task as a group is to write a report about the history of Quebec. Search the Internet for information and write a few interesting facts related to the French heritage and the language spoken in Quebec. Compare your notes with each other and create a combined list of facts. The final product needs to be included into the final portfolio and shared with the class.

Group 2: 
Each of you will draw a picture reflecting the culture of Quebec using one of the drawing programs. The pictures need to be labeled.  The final product will be included in the electronic portfolio and shared with the class.

Group 3: 
Search the web to find pictures that have something to do with the region of Quebec such as flags, maps, famous places, mountains, etc. Copy and paste the pictures into a Power Point and include facts under each picture. Create at least three slides and include animation and sound effects if you can. 
Group 4:
Search the web to find pictures and facts about famous people in Quebec. Create a Power Point with at least three slides and include animation and sound effects if you can.
Group 5
Search the web to find pictures and facts about sports, music, poetry, folk dancers and different products of Quebec. Create a Power Point with at least three slides and include animation and sound effects if you can.
Group 6: 
This group will gather the information from each group and finalize the electronic portfolio. They will decide about the format of the final Portfolio.

Third Day 
Teacher will debrief the class, asking each group to do an oral presentation on their topic. Each group will select a student to share their part of the project with the class.

Fourth Day:
Students will share their experiences with the others and will sing a traditional song of Quebec. 

Comments:  This project offers a variety of ways in which students can express themselves. Students have the opportunity to share knowledge and learn more in a fun way.
They find enjoyment in visiting different Web Sites and creating a PowerPoint or drawing in an electronic way. Some of the presentations might be very entertaining. 



Excellent-4: Consistently and actively works toward group goals
Good-3: Works toward group goals without prompting
Satisfactory-2: Works toward group with occasional prompting
Needs Improvement-1: Works toward group goals only when prompting


Excellent-4: Great organization 
Good-3: Good organization
Satisfactory-2: Some organization
Needs Improvement-1: Not organized

Quality of Information

Excellent-4: Supporting details specific to subject
Good-3: Some details are non- supporting to the subject
Satisfactory-2: Details are somewhat sketchy
Needs Improvement-1: Unable to find specific details


Excellent-4: Very creative
Good-3: Creative
Satisfactory-2: Somewhat creative
Needs Improvement-1: Lack of creativity


Excellent-4: Team turned project in on time	
Good-3: Project turned in the third day	
Satisfactory-2: Project turned in the fourth day	
Needs Improvement-1: Project turned in more than four days