Arts Geography Cross over

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Subjects: Geography, Arts, Visual Art, Geographies of Interconnection, Australian Curriculum

For students of 9th to 9th grade.

Overview Statement
The look and feel of a city will ultimately determine how a city is inhabited; students will look at the visual aesthetics of a city and then transfer the ideas through to their own city creations.

General Objective
The aim of this lesson is to provide a crossover of curriculum areas between Geography and the Arts.

ACARA Content (Arts)
•	Plan and design artworks that represent artistic intention (ACAVAM128)
•	Present ideas for displaying artworks and evaluate displays of artworks (ACAVAM129)

ACARA Content (Geography)
•	The perceptions people have of place, and how this influences their connections to different places (ACHGK065)
•	Present findings, arguments and explanations in a range of appropriate communication forms, selected for their effectiveness and to suit audience and purpose; using relevant geographical terminology, and digital technologies as appropriate (ACHGS070)
•	Reflect on and evaluate the findings of the inquiry to propose individual and collective action in response to a contemporary geographical challenge, taking account of environmental, economic and social considerations; and explain the predicted outcomes and consequences of their proposal (ACHGS071)

Teaching Points
What is a City Artscape?
How do you capture the look and feel of a city?
What makes the look and feel of a city different to another city? Adelaide compared to Melbourne?
What role do people have?
What role do the activities people do in regard to the look and feel?
How can you represent the look and feel of a city?

1.	Plan and draw ONE aspect of a City Artscape.
You are to capture the look and feel of the city you are planning,
You are to ensure that what you draw matches closely to what you have previously mapped out/mapping out,
You are to draw the aspect as though you are walking through the city,
The time of the day does not matter, but you are to capture the activity that is happening in the city at a particular time of the day (morning rush hour, midday lunch, afternoon peak, evening, night)
You are to reference on the aspect where the location of the aspect is on your city plan using the grid system you have already applied to your plan

2.	Displaying the aspect
You will need to provide a short statement (100 words) of where you think would be an appropriate place to display the aspect

Students will need the following:
•	A3 paper
Pencils and other implements to draw with (implements from personal pencil case should suffice)
•	A desk or a hard platform to draw on
•	Ruler

Teacher will need the following:
•	Photos of Adelaide and Melbourne
Drawing/Sketch of Adelaide and Melbourne