#1394 Countries Lesson Plan (ARCS Revised)

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Subjects: Geography

For students of 3rd to graduate grade.

#1394. Countries
Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Nov 10 12:53:20 PST 1999 by Bernice Palus (bbbernie@aol.com).
McKinley Elementary, Toledo, U.S.
Materials Required: computers with internet access
Activity Time: week long activity
Concepts Taught: Names of Countries, Map of Country, Country Capitals
NAME: Bernice Palus
DISTRICT: Toledo Public Schools
CONCEPTS: Names of Countries, Map of Country, Country Capitals
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Students will use the Internet to obtain information on a given topic.
Students will use information to answer given questions.
Students will locate and recreate a map of given country with capital located.
Students will aid in creation of a Power Point presentation.
PROJECT: Written Report on Countries
LEARNING STRATEGIES/CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Students will work individually on an assigned country. They will go to the book marked site and retrieve information on their own. They will print the information and use it to answer ten questions about their assigned country. They will draw a map of the country with the capital being distinguished by a star. 
Attention: In order to gain the attention of the children, a guest speaker will come to class from a foreign country.
Relevance: Explain to students that the geography of certain places allows for easier and more successful trading and cheaper products. Explain that it is important to know geographic location for travel and business.
Challenge: Challenge the students first with having them memorize the countries on certain continents. They can build upon this and eventually get to the capitals and important cities.
Satisfaction/Success: At the beginning of the unit, give the students a blank map. Allow them to write down as many countries and capitals as they know. At the end of the unit, give back the beginning map. Have them do a new one. They will notice how much they have learned.
TOOLS/RESOURCES: computers with internet access
RESULTS/SHARING: Students will type a written report of approximately two pages using Microsoft Word and will give an oral report on the country. We will pinpoint the countries on a large map displayed in the front of the room.
ASSESSMENT: Students will be assessed on their written report including grammar, map and content.
Each student will contribute to a Power Point presentation by using three summary sentences on their country and a scanned picture of their drawn map. Students will add sound effects and presentation effects to their slide for the presentation. The presentation will be presented at a future PTO meeting.
Source of Lesson Plan: http://teachers.net/lessons/posts/1394.html
Does this type of planning require more or less time? 
It would take more time to do this type of planning because there would be more to add to every lesson plan that is typed out. However, if the objective is to make sure that kids are learning and connecting, it is well worth one’s time.
Would the lessons require more or less time to present?
It seems that presenting the lesson would not take any more time than presenting the lesson before the revision.