Multicultural Meanings of Colour

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Subjects: Arts, Visual Arts, Drama, Graphic Design/Media Arts, Etc

For students of 4th to 8th grade.


Area of learning: Visual Arts 

Title/Topic/Focus: Multicultural Meanings of Colour

Class: Year 8 Visual Arts 

When/Where: Computer Room

Lesson Prepared by: Cassie Broad

What are the students going to learn? Key Concepts /Specific Learning Outcome(s)
Remember to be realistic about what can be achieved in the available time.

•	Deep understanding and knowledge of the Meanings of Colour around the world
•	Identifying and articulating opinions of their own meanings of colour
•	Gain Knowledge of key language and terminology used within Visual Language therefore assisting in the ability to articulate opinions.

Preparation/booking checklist:  eg. Library, AV, computer room, gym

Computer Room


•	Hand outs
•	Computers with internet

Assessment/Feedback for the students: It is important to assess learning .You are responsible for students learning and for this you need to be accountable. This is necessary for planning subsequent lessons and to build on the student’s knowledge base.  How you do this can take many forms,  eg. Oral discussion, written feedback , observations etc.

Students will be given verbal feedback on the group research during the lesson and they will be assessed on the activity that will be started at the end of the lesson and finished for homework.

Lesson Outline 


(Think about how you are going to engage and focus the students)

I will…	

Organise the students seated in a group.

Give engaging initial talk about what we will be learning today and how the lesson is organised.  

Answer any questions 	

Students will.....

Students seated in a group.

Listen and ask questions when needed.

Ask questions if needed.


I will....

Organise students into groups of 2 -3.

Give each group a different colour and instruct them to research into the multicultural meanings of that colour.  They are given 25 minutes. 

When time is up organise the group back together and as a whole class go through each groups findings informing the rest of the class.  (30 minutes)

Thank everyone for participation and hand out information and activity worksheet. 
Quickly go through and further explain the activities to the class and clear up any questions or queries. 

Instruct students to work independently for the remainder of the lesson on starting their activities. Inform the students that whatever they don’t finish today is homework.


Students will...

Research the meanings of particular colour and make notes to pass on to the rest of the class after 25 minutes of research. 

Come back together as a group and present findings in a respectful manner. Listen to the other groups when they are presenting and respect the opinion of others in this subject matter.

Ask questions when needed

Students work independently on activities within the handouts (to choose 4 colours out of the 10 discussed today and create a drawing/painting/artwork of your choice to represent what that colour means to you. Be creative)


I will....

Dismiss class and remind them that the tasks are due the following lesson	

Students will...


Evaluation/reflection (for you and mentor/peer after the lesson):

What learning occurred?


What evidence of this did you observe?

What things worked?

What would you do differently next time? 
Your response here can be both specific to the lesson content and also to the overall process of teaching.

What do you need to follow up on next lesson?