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Subjects: Arts, Digital video, references, Web 2.0, network

For students of 10th to graduate grade.

Educational Objective: To familiarize the student with the system of social tagging or social bookmarking as it relates to the ever evolving technical field of digital video.

Essential Question: How can a person stay cutting-edge?
Enduring Understanding: Quality preparation and training leads to quality results.

Evidence of Learning: Students will collect a list of "how-to" websites in their field of interest.

Implementation Timeline:  Lecture (30 minutes), Homework (2 hours).

Procedure/Lesson Activity:

Lecture: - Instructor will give statistical data concerning video industries rapid turnover of technology and customer demand underscoring the need for constant learning and re-training. Instructor will demonstrate the use of del.icio.us and flickr and direct the assignment.

Homework: Each student will register on one or both of the social bookmarking sites and then proceed to link sites they find valuable and to tag the links with terms they relate with these sites. Students will also create a presentation/visual aid which explains their reasoning for choosing the site or sites. Students will give specific examples on how this site relates to their topic of interest and ways the site can further their knowledge. Students will present this information to the class. Students may choose the method of presentation, however a visual aid must be available for peers such as a handout. During the presentations students will be encouraged to give feedback to the presenter such as ideas for other sites or other ways the particular site could be used.

Laptops, overhead projector, trade magazines, trade blogs, software and hardware companies.

Students will recieve individual grades based on the clarity, and organization of their bookmark lists. Students will also receive individual grades for presentation quality and content. Students will recieve participation grades for their feedback/comments during presentations.