Community Photo Project and Flickr

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Subjects: History, Photography, interdisciplinary, community

For students of 6th to 12th grade.

Lesson plan for using Flickr

Teacher: Amy Langton, Portsmouth Middle School, Portsmouth, NH

Grade Level and Overview: For use in an eighth grade class room as part of an interdisciplinary unit that will teach students how to use photography equipment as a way to document the town they live in. More specifically, the students will be taking pictures of the town of Portsmouth, NH from their points of view.  They will photograph their neighborhoods, hangouts, historic spots in Portsmouth, and anything else of interest to them.  They will work with community members to compile a book that will actually be published. 

Timeframe: The project will span a month while the students are introduced to the project, trained, and “set loose” in the community. The culminating project will be the book and will be revealed on the Spring Showcase night for parents and others to view. 

Social Computing Component: As they students take pictures, they will share their photographs on Flickr and save them under tags that they create. They may discover that others in the community have also taken pictures of Portsmouth and at the same time they can view each other’s pictorial archive.