Rainbows. Robyns, and Rymes

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Subjects: Education, Art, Dramatic Play, Library

For students of any age up to kindergarten grade.

This week we will learning about Rainbows, Robins, and Rymes for the month of april.
 We will be planting seeds using our fine motor skills symbolizing the bloom of spring. The children will also be read books about rain and rainbows. 

Spring will be introduced to the children, and be explained on exactly what spring is. The children have been learning the difference of the seasons.

One day we will be making rainbow jellow and having the children place the different colors in a clear cup to create thier own rainbow.

During circle time this week the children will be asked about thier favorite part about spring, and what they enjoy doing the most during spring.

Monday - we will plant the seeds and learn about flowers and the beginning of spring.
Tuesday- we will be painting rainbows using our fine motor skills while reviewing the colors
Wednesday- The children will be making masks to look like robyns while we read a book about birds.
Thursday- We will learn a fun ryme for the children to say. We will see if each one can remember the ryme during circle time.
Friday- The children will do thier rainbow jello, while putting differnt colored jello in a clear cup to make thier own colorful rainbow.