TV Law

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Subjects: crime, legal, Law

For students of 7th to graduate grade.

Evaluate crime-drama shows or People's Court for accuracy.  

Intro: Show video clip 

Classwork: Students list the actual laws that they think are at work in a particular case.

During the Video Clip:  Stop the video at certain points to encourage discussion about different aspects of the video.  Have students hypothesize what they think will happen or should happen based on the evidence and information provided so far in the video.

Discussion: Have the class pair off in groups to discuss their written answers, then ask students to discuss their written answers.  Have them prepared to defend their answers.  

Give the statutes or precedents that apply and open the discussion for students to question and/or debate the rationale behind the law.

Check for Understanding: Show another clip that relates to the same statutes and precedents and ask students to list the precedents.