Digital Video Camera Tutorial - "The Camera Tutorial Tutorial"

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Subjects: video, digital, camera, internet

For students of 7th to graduate grade.

Educational Objective: To familiarize the student with the camera, operations manual, instructional scripting, and in camera editing. Students will be exposed to the camera - their primary tool for the course - during an in-class demonstration, while preparing a script, while shooting a script, and while reviewing the videos in lecture.

Essential Question: How can a camera effectively record and communicate?
Enduring Understanding: Quality preparation and training leads to quality results.

Evidence of Learning: Students will write and produce videos demonstrating the operational techniques of their camera.

Implementation Timeline: Two lecture periods (2 hours each), Homework (2 hours), One lab period (3 hours). 

Procedure/Lesson Activity:

Lecture: - Instructor will demonstrate the proper use of the DV Cam, starting with identification of each part, through recording, and all the way to the proper storage of the equipment and manual.

Homework: Each student will be assigned a section of the operation manual on which to write a two-column audio/visual script. Students will convert operation manual steps into a narrative in the right column and shot descriptions in the left column. For example:

V: Close up of camera's power button.  A: The camera's power button is located at the rear of the camera, above the battery. It is label by an icon that looks like this..."PWR"

Lab: Students will form up in teams (designated by the operation manual section they wrote). They will compare scripts, and choose the best script for production. They will then hand off that script to another team who will then produce an instructional video based on that script. Each team will be provided with a camera to shoot with and a camera that will perform as their model. Students will take turns reading the script, demonstrating the prop, and operating the recorder. Students will be encouraged to rehearse before recording each shot according to the order of the script. (In camera editing only!) Students will be encouraged to review their finished video before leaving the lab.

Lecture: Tapes will be reviewed and evaluated by students and instructor.

Camera Kits, Operation Manuals, MS Word template for video script, sample of instructional video, lights for studio.

Students will recieve individual grades on the completeness, clarity, and organization of their scripts. Students will share a grade for their completed video production.