Recall Survey Project

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Subjects: Math, Technology

For students of 4th to 6th grade.

Survey Project

A Recall Survey is a survey used to collect information about past behavior, activities, or habits.  Typically, individual information gathered in such a survey is not precise.  However, estimates based on combined survey data are very worthwhile.

1.	Your task is to design a recall survey for at least 25 people.  Develop a question that includes words like "how much" or "how many" per day.  Example:   How many soft drinks do you drink per day?
2.	Possible topics might include: TV watching, library use, video game time, exercising, shower length, cell phone use, candy bar consumption, computer use, etc.  Be creative! Find out answers to a question that really interests you.
3.	Use at least 2 categories of subjects.  For example: boys/girls or children/teens/adults.  (Make sure you include definitions for each category if needed.)
4.	Collect data on paper.  Transfer data to EXCEL and create at least two different types of charts or graphs which show the data. 
5.	Find the different landmarks for your results: mean, median, mode, range.
6.	Write a conclusion paragraph summarizing the results of your survey.  Use ratios or percentages to make comparisons with your data.  How accurate is your data?  Why do you think so?
7.	Create a short slide show in POWERPOINT which shows your question, graphs, and conclusions.