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Subjects: WebQuest, Science, weather, Technology

For students of 5th to 5th grade.

Topic:  Weather (WebQuest) 

Grade Level:  5; 6-50 minute class periods

Web Link:

Materials:  Computer lab with internet access
            MS PowerPoint/Photostory
            Weather Terms List


NCSCOS 5th Grade Science-The learner will conduct investigations and use appropriate technology to build an understanding of weather and climate. 

Previous Knowledge:  

We have discussed and investigated the water cycle, weather measurement, weather tools and cloud types.  We have also practiced using MS PowerPoint and Photostory to create presentations.


Today we will begin creating our digital encyclopedias using either MS PowerPoint or Photostory.  Students will create an attractive cover for their presentation that states the title of their encyclopedia and each partner's name.  Next, students will place each term from the worksheet provided into one of the following categories:

       1)  Cloud Types   
       2)  Water Cycle Terms
       3)  Weather Measurement Terms
       4)  Weather Tools
       5)  Miscellaneous
Once students have placed each term into an appropriate category they will alphabetize each term in each category. 

Computer Lab Activity:  

Students will begin this activity by creating an attractive cover for their presentation.  Using the LCD projector, project the following website:  .  Students will view pictures of clouds.  They will visit www. and copy and paste pictures into their presentations.  Students will use vocabulary correctly by labeling each cloud.  They could also visit to define and possibly find a picture to illustrate the term.

They must copy the URL for each photo to give credit to the photographer.  Students will define each term in the appropriate category until each term has been defined. The last page will be a credit page to list the sites they obtained their definitions from. Students that finish early may add all of the "bells and whistles" they can find with PowerPoint such as sounds and other media. 

Concluding the Lesson:

To end the lesson students will present their projects to the rest of the class with their partners.  They will use the projector and classroom computer to complete this task.  Their presentations will reinforce their content knowledge on these very important weather concepts.  


Students will be evaluated with a project rubric.