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Subjects: Technology,, Education, Reading, Math

For students of 1st to 5th grade.

The school has identified as raising state required test scores as one of their needs for the school improvement plan.  In order to do this, the county has implemented several half-days throughout the year to meet this need through staff development.  After setting up school account, I will try to implement social bookmarking as one of the tools to meet this need.

To fulfill half-day staff development requirement, the staff will use in order to establish a building-level Reading and Math Social Bookmarking page.
We will meet in the computer lab to introduce social tagging through the wikiteacher site.  After letting teachers explore the site, I will explain the purpose of training and how we will complete the task.  Teachers will be asked to open site to see how the finished page will look and how it can be used.

Each teacher will then be asked to search and find at least 3 sites that could be used as a resource page for reading and math.  They will copy and past site to separate word document to keep a running list.  Teachers will be advised that everyone has to post one resource page for both subjects, but there can be no duplicates.  After researching, we will come back together as a group to share sites.  Each teacher will then log on to the school page and create an individual post to create school resource page.  Teachers will once again be reminded that if their choice is already posted, he must find another site to add.  That's why it's important to find at least three from the beginning.

After page is complete, the teachers will be able to go to pages for additional resources to be used in class for student practice.  This will hopefully create a Reading and Math source that teachers will be able to go to and continue adding as needed.  It will give them a place to start and one that they may assign for students to use at home as well when needed. 
Teachers will then be asked to create their own account so tagging can be identified and tracked for evaluation purposes. 

I will check the site to see if teachers are using resource to enrich and/or modify lessons.  We will then analyze how the use of these resources has impacted state scores in the spring.