Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Chocolate Room

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Subjects: chocolate, novel units, Literature, Language Arts

For students of 4th to 5th grade.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Chocolate Room
Grade: 4-5
Subject: Language Arts
Objective: Read for details and description
Draw a picture based on what was read
Materials: Novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Colored pencils or crayons
After reading Chapter 15, The Chocolate Room students will illustrate the mind picture they had when reading
Illustrating rules are in effect. No blank spots larger than a quarter coin, proper shading techniques, people and objects are drawn with shapes and colors.  Labels are placed neatly where needed.

Students are given about 40 minutes to complete a neat illustration that includes labels of objects.  

Students will then share their illustrations in their pods.

Illustations will be assessed according to neatness, meeting illustrating rules, and accuracy according to the Chocolate Room described in the novel.
Presentations will be assessed based on a quality speaking voice and clarity of their verbal description.  

Students can illustrate what they would want their chocolate room to look like.

Students can make a diorama of the chocolate room.

Brainstorm with students about the other rooms in the factory and have the students make up a new room. They should continue to use descriptive language and details as the author did. 

Wonka Bingo -- Adapt this idea to descriptive words or phrase used in Chapter 20 to reinforce vocabulary development. (This is great for ELL students.) This link also contains other links for ideas as well.  

Simile Practice: After drawing and labeling the chocolate room, have students brainstorm descriptions or adjectives of chocolate using the sentence frame, “Chocolate is as sweet at __________.” Have them write these on small strips paper. Students can make a chocolate candy using a small round brown construction paper circle, white glue tinted brown with brown tempera paint, and cup cake papers. Drizzle the brown glue over the brown circles and let dry. Attach the circles inside the cup cake papers. Place the chocolates on a bulletin board display with the similes. 

Imagine if one of the other children had been given the factory; write a narrative describing what might have happened to the factory. How would the factory change? How would it stay the same?