Westward Expansion

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Subjects: Social Studies, Language Arts

For students of 5th to 6th grade.

United States Studies: 1865 to Present
S5-2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the continued westward expansion of the United States.

	5-2.1 Explain how aspects of the natural environment – including the principal mountain ranges and rivers, terrain, vegetation, and climate of the region – affected travel to the West and thus the settlement of that region. (Geography, History)
	5-2.2 Illustrate the effects of settlement on the environment of the West, including changes in the physical and human systems. (Geography) 
	5-2.3 Summarize how railroads affected development of the West, including their ease and inexpensiveness. (Geography, Economics, History) 
	5-2.4 Provide examples of conflict and cooperation between occupational and ethnic groups in the West, including miners, ranchers, and cowboys; Native Americans and Mexican Americans; and European and Asian immigrants. (Economics, History)
	5-2.5 Explain the social and economic effects of the westward expansion on Native Americans, including changes in federal policies, armed conflicts, opposing views concerning land ownership, and Native American displacement. (political science, geography, economics, history)
C’mon Let’s Ride East to West
	Subject Area
–	Social Studies
	Grade
–	Fifth
	School District
–	Richland One, Columbia, SC

	During this time of the year, the students in most South Carolina schools are preparing for PACT (Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test).
	The CRT at HES (Hopkins Elem. School) has provided lessons plans for all 5th grade teachers.
	All material is a review.
Essential Questions
	Why did people go West?
	Why did Thomas Jefferson Purchase Louisiana?
	Do we need a memorial? Why?

Write a Persuasive Essay
	Pick a topic about an event that took place during the Westward Expansion.
	Conduct research on the topic. (any method)
	Write a persuasive essay to the President of the United States convincing him to erect a memorial in Washington, DC commemorating this event or person.
	Design a picture of what the memorial would look like.
	Insert the picture at the bottom of your essay.
	Present your essay to the class.

Additional Requirements
	Design a picture of what the memorial would resemble.
	Conduct Research.
	Include fact and opinion.  The opinion should be based on facts.
	Import your picture at the bottom of the essay.
	Present essay to the class.

Six Facets Implementation
	Explanation – Student will tell why their topic is important.
	Interpretation – Student will use internet to research westward expansion topics.
	Application – Student will apply their research in the form of a persuasive essay to the President.
	Empathy – Design a picture of the memorial. This will give a clear picture in their minds of the understanding.
	Perspective – Student will use fact or opinion. Will be able to contrast and compare. Provide opinion based on facts.
	Self-Knowledge – Student will present their design and essay to the class in attempt to persuade them.

Other Activities
	Take a Tour with Lewis & Clark
	http://www.nationalgeographic.com/west/main.html
	Students will go on the journey with Lewis and Clark, make decisions along the way, and the captain of the ship will let them know if they are good or bad decisions and why.
	Onward!
The End
Der’s Gold In Dem Dar Hills!