Jazz HIstory, A Pictoral Timeline

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Subjects: Music

For students of 6th to 8th grade.

OBJECTIVE - Students will create a PowerPoint Presentation about the History of Jazz.

MATERIALS - Students will need use of the school computer lab, have access to PowerPoint, and Flickr.  Jazz worksheets.  Wynton Marsalis' Complete Jazz Curriculum.

ENGAGEMENT - Students will be divided into groups and then begin discussing and listening to examples of jazz music from all different styles. Students will also create a word splash or brainstorming list with the word "Jazz" in the center and list as many adjectives and other things that come to mind as they are listening that exemplify characteristics of the jazz music they are listening to (beat, tambre, instruments, mood, etc.) 


     1.  Students will read and research information on a variety of jazz styles.  In their groups, students will answer questions on worksheets that will be provided.

     2.  Student groups will choose their favorite style of jazz and begin researching information in the computer lab.  The groups are responsible for gathering information from 3-5 websites and finding photos to use in their PowerPoint from Flickr.

     3.  Groups will begin to design a PowerPoint presentation that includes answers to a variety of questions accompanied by images for their specific style of jazz.  The PowerPoint should also include notable musicians, composers, instrumentation, photos of the respected musicians, and a timeline denoting significant dates in jazz history.

     Students will be assessed by the use of effects, correct information, links from slide to slide, comprehension of the specific jazz style and an overall understanding of jazz history.  The students will present their project to the class and also be graded on presentation and communication skills.