Environmental Observation

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Subjects: Science

For students of 5th to 8th grade.

Environmental Observation Lesson Plan

Grade 5-8

Observation is an important part of ecology and scientific investigation. Human beings are constantly observing the world around them and analyzing the data they collect. For students this is many times done subconsciously. This activity will bring observation and analysis together for students in relation to their interactions with organisms in the world around them. Their observations and findings will be captured in photographs and words and published to Flickr for classmates and the online community to read.

-	SWBAT make a clear, accurate observation of their interactions with the world around them.
-	SWBAT analyze their observation and explain their results.
-	SWBAT use photographs to represent their observations.
-	SWBAT post their findings on Flickr.
-	SWBAT read and comment on other students’ observations.

Essential Questions:
-	What organisms do I interact with everyday in my environment?
-	How do I interact with other organisms?
-	What are the products or consequences of these interactions?
-	How do I make a clear observation?
-	What can I derive from my observations?

-	Students will keep a photo log of their interactions with other organisms over a three-day span. These will be the students’ observations. (Students should not take photos of themselves interacting with other humans face to face.)
-	Students will choose 5-7 photos that show true and interesting interactions among organisms. 
-	These photos will be uploaded to Flickr, an online photo sharing service, under the class group (designated by teacher).
-	Captions for each photo should include an analysis of the observation.
-	Students should comment on at least 10 photo observations from other classmates.

-	Digital camera
-	Internet Access
-	Flickr, online service