Zentangle Drawing

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Subjects: Arts, drawing, pen drawing skills

For students of 7th to 8th grade.

Lesson Plan- Zantangle drawing
Learning Area: Art
Teacher:Lauryn Shirley	
Year/ Class:8	
Unit Duration (No. of weeks; no. / length of lessons:x2 weeks/ 1 single and 1 double lesson per week/ 150 minutes total per week
Class Demographic:Mixed gender class	
Prior Knowledge: No assumed prior knowledge
Topic:Create a zentangle drawing using magazine images.
Overview Statement:
In this unit of work, students will look at the different drawing techniques to create a zentangle drawing using felt tip pens and magazine cutouts. The idea of this unit is to get students familiar with using a variety of line thicknesses to express depth in their drawings. It also asks students to look at negative and positive space and how shapes can be used.

General objectives for unit:
•Students will learn to research, document and annotate ideas to base their design on
•Students will demonstrate an understanding of different materials and methods of construction
•Students will record their designs in their visual diary to show development of their ideas

Assessment / evidence:
•Research will be evident with images stuck into their visual diaries- 25%
•Students will produce 2 designs with notes about each design 30%
•Imaginative and creative designs- 25%
•Designs reflect student’s personality- 10%
•Students will write a summary of their experience with this project -10%

ACARA General Capabilities:
Literacy (LIT)
•Explored when students annotate their research and designs to explain their importance
Critical and creative thinking (CCT)
•Explored when students create their 2 unique designs that reflect their personality
Information and communication technology (ICT) 
•Demonstrated when students use the internet to investigate other zentangle drawings
Numeracy (NUM)
•Explored when students are dealing with scale, proportion, rhythm and shapes

Lesson 1- Single Lesson- Introduction and research

•Introduce new topic to class
•Get students thinking about drawing
•Students begin research of zentangle drawings
•When students are doing their research the teacher is to walk around the classroom helping students find ideas
•Students begin research for visual diary back up
•Students learn the importance of research to generate design ideas

Lesson Outline	In this first lesson, students will be introduced to the new topic of drawing with felt tip pens and magazine cutouts. They will be given a design brief which they need to adhere to which will form the basis for assessment.

The brief highlights the importance of research and idea development. Students will be required to present 10 backup patterns to support their research This allows them to identify what aspects of the designs they like or dislike.

Students will use their computers to research what zentangle drawings are and some patterns they can begin to use. They will have the opportunity to print images that inspire them to add into their visual diaries. Students will include an image from a magazine and work their patterns around that image. Their image can be anything from a person, to a car or a product they like. They will then integrate that images into their drawing.

Once students have begun to print images, they are to cut them out and stick them in their visual diaries and write comments about the images describing their importance. This gets students to analyse the different components they think are successful or have failed.

By the end of this lesson students should have a better understanding of what the objectives are of this assignment and they should have begun their research.

Students’ computers              old magazines for images
Student’s visual diaries          a variety of felt tip pens

Students are to continue their research and writing notes about their images