Origin of Hip Hop

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Subjects: Dance

For students of 9th to 9th grade.

Year 9 Dance Lesson Plan

Unit Topic – Origin of Hip Hop	
Curriculum Link: 10.3	
Yr Level: 9
Lesson Number: 1	
Lesson Topic: Intro to Hip Hop
Learning Area(s): Dance
Unit Aim or Outcome:

Students will work towards gaining understanding and appreciation for Hip Hop dance. Learning about the origins of the social and cultural contexts from which it developed. Students will need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in an aural presentation and execute a style specific dance routine.

Lesson Outcome:

At the end of this lesson, students should be familiar with the development of hip hop dance styles in the 1970’s. I want students to be able to identify the people and events that lead to hip hop dance style. Students should be able to name key hip hop dance moves. 


70’s Hip hop music play list.
Video footage of 70’s hip hop and its pioneers. 
Ipod and speakers


Lesson Outline


Ask students to list as many dance styles as they can.
Ask students to narrow the list into 5 of their favorite styles.
(Most students would have hip hop listed)

Explain that the unit of work will focus on Hip Hop.

Test prior knowledge.
1.	What is hiphop?
2.	What makes hip hop different to other styles?
3.	When did hip hop dance styles start?
4.	What are some classic hip hop moves called?

Video – Dj Cool Herc, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Public Enemy.

Hip-hop history timeline. Ask students to read the history listed under each date. Students read aloud, one person at a time.

Set assessment.

Teaching strategy/Learning Activity:

Students will ……	Teacher will…

Be engaging with the topic by answering questions, and hopefully concluding the importance of hiphop in today’s culture.

Watch footage of hip hop pioneers. 

Read History Timeline

Be given an assessment task. Placed into groups of three to give an aural presentation.
Motivate students to be interested.

Give perspective. 

Explain assessment criteria. Help form groups of 3. Answer any questions.
Concluding strategy:

Ask students to find a small space in the room. Name some movements and ask students to use their bodies to show what they think it may looks like. This should be a light and fun task.

Pop and Lock
Down Rock
Top Rock

Ask students what piece of information from todays lesson stood out?

Play the song that the students will be learning 70’s Hip Hop choreography to, in the following lesson. Explain that we will go through all those moves and more in the following lesson. Come prepared for a practical dance class. 


Assessment 1: Aural presentation in groups of 3: What is hip hops place in dance history, and what are its social and cultural connections?
Assessment 2: Learn a 70’s hip-hop choreography to be performed at end of year showcase. Students will be assessed on understanding of movement and performance.

Summative: pop quiz in next lesson on points covered in todays lesson. 

Any special considerations or contingency plans: 

Songs carefully chosen with appropriate lyrics. 


Did the students enjoy learning about Hiphop origins?
Did they seem interested?
Were the students participating in group discussion?
How could I have motivated students better?
Are the students looking forward to learning a classic hiphop dance?
What strategies can you employ in the practical lesson?