Landscape - Clarice Beckett

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Subjects: LESSON PLAN CONTEXTUAL DETAILS Name: Emma Noakes Year Level / Age Range: yr8 No. of Students 25 Location: Art classroom School: Parafield Gardens Date: Estimated Duration of Activity: single lesson 45min AREA OF LEARNING/ TOPIC: Visual Art La, Visual Art, Arts

For students of 7th to 9th grade.



Name: Emma N
Year Level / Age Range: yr8
No. of Students 25
Location: Art classroom
Estimated Duration of Activity: single lesson 45min

TOPIC: Landscapes
In prior lessons students have been doing portraits and learning about the visual elements of a portrait.

Students are now looking at the elements of Landscape – looking at different styles but similar aspects such as perspective – foreground, middle ground, and background.

-	Identify the elements that make up a landscape.
-	Understand concepts of plein air, perspective, tone, warm colours, cool colours,  complementary colours.
-	Utilise their understanding of techniques, mediums and media, and how these are used to produce an artwork.
-	Evaluate and reflect upon the process and outcomes.

-	Students will develop an understanding of what elements make a landscape and thus how they can structure a landscape.
-	Develop an understanding of techniques, materials, methods, and processes used to make a landscape. 
-	Eventually - Students will participate in plein air exercise to learn through experience what it is like to paint outside and respond to being outside. 

-	Participation in tasks
-	Complete drawing at end of lesson.


- PowerPoint prepared of examples of Landscapes
- Worksheets Prepared
- Equipment: Projector and laptop
- Art Materials
- Photos of Clarice Beckett’s Work ‘Across the Yarra’

Clarice Beckett ‘Across the Yarra’ 1931

What do I want the students to learn?
Knowledge? Skills?  Attitudes

- Students to learn to identify the elements of a landscape.
- Students learn how to construct a landscape with basic elements of foreground, middle ground and background.	

What will I do?  What will the students do?
What skills and strategies will we use?
What behaviour management strategies will I use?

I will: Introduce to students the new topic of landscape. Start by asking students what they think a landscape is?

I will: Show student’s examples of different landscapes and styles/techniques artists use to paint landscapes. What do these have in common?

I will: In relation to learning about basic elements of a landscape such as perspective shape, line and tone I will show works by Clarice Beckett – Adelaide born Artist. 

Using Beckett’s work ‘Across the Yarra’ I will be first be able to teach students about drawing basic shapes and how to map out an artwork.

I will: Give each student a copy of Beckett’s work.

Student’s will: Draw his or her own interpretation of Becketts work. Drawing the foreground, middle and background. 

Students will also incorporate their own image within the foreground or middle ground.

At the conclusion of the lesson:

Students will: neatly pack up materials

I will: Inform students what the next step in creating these landscapes is going to be. 
Which is that they will learn how to mix colours and learn tonal values.	RESOURCES
What materials will be used?