Visual Art: Photography: Culture

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Subjects: Photography, Culture

For students of any age up to graduate grade.

Learning Area(s) 
Visual Art: Photography 

Band / Year / Class
Year 10

1x 55 minutes Lessons 

Prior Knowledge:
General understanding of culture and identity, and basic understanding of photography techniques.

Class Demographic:
Mixed Gender

Culture in Photography

Overview Statement
Students are to explore the concept of culture in photography. 

General objectives for Lesson:
•	Students to grasp general concept of culture and identity in photography.
•	Using appropriate terminology students are to analyse and critique photograph that capture the theme: culture & identity.
•	Students to gain a better understanding of photography styles, methods and techniques.

ACARA Content Descriptions:
8.6: Analyse ways to produce designed solutions through selecting and combining characteristics and properties materials, systems, components, tools and equipment.
8.8: Generate, develop, test and communicate design ideas, plans and processes for audiences using a range of technologies and collaborative techniques.

ACARA Cross-Curriculum Priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
This will be covered when students will critique a range of different watercrafts including traditional indigenous canoes from Australia, and the pacific islands. 

ACARA Content Elaborations: 
•	Conceptualise and develop representations of themes, concepts or subject matter to experiment with their developing personal style, reflecting on the styles of artists, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists (ACAVAM125)
•	Present ideas for displaying artworks and evaluate displays of artworks (ACAVAM129)
•	Evaluate how representations communicate artistic intentions in artworks they make and view to inform their future art making (ACAVAR130)
•	Analyse a range of visual artworks from contemporary and past times to explore differing viewpoints and enrich their visual art-making, starting with Australian artworks, including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and consider international artworks (ACAVAR131)

ACARA General Capabilities:

Critical and creative thinking
•	Students will explore different photography methods and techniques solutions to solve the design problem.
•	Students will need to begin thinking of how they can capture a culture and identity via the artistic medium of photography. Intercultural Understanding
•	Students will research a variety of cultures including how Indigenous people and culture have been represented in photography. 
•	Literacy
•	Students will need to annotate the homework research task. 

Assessment Methods 

Homework: Research Task (non graded): 
Students to research three photographs that demonstrate/represent/express culture. 
Students will need to write a synopsis regarding each photo responding to the following questions: What culture is represented? How successful has the photograph captured the culture? What photograph techniques have been implemented.

Lesson One, 55 mins
Teaching Points
•	Introduce Concept of Culture and Cultural Representation in Photography.
•	 Assess Prior Knowledge; how can culture be represented or expressed in photography? Students understanding of Culture & Identity in general, as well as students understanding of photography methods and techniques.
•	Scaffold where required regarding terminology, ability to discuss photography work, and understanding of culture and identity.
•	Introduce various examples of a successful representation of culture in photography. 

Learning Points
•	Students to grasp general concept of culture, identity in photography.
•	Students to begin critiquing various photography work relevant to the subject of culture.
•	Students to gain a better understanding of photography styles, methods and techniques.

Lesson Outline
Introduction to topic: 
PowerPoint presentation on Culture & Photography. Presentation to examine different examples of culture in Photography. Lesson to focus on the varying photography styles & methods and the varying degrees of success. 
Time Allocated: 10mins. 
Show Smithsonian video creating the National Museum for African American History & Culture through photography: Time Allocated 5mins
Brainstorm: How can you express or represent culture in photography? How can you represent your own culture/identity through photography?
Time Allocated: 5mins
Research: Class will have a set amount of time to find an example of culture in photography. Students will need to use the internet, classroom recourses (library) to find an example.
Time Allocated: 25mins
Class Discussion:
Students will need to present their example to the class and state why and how the selected photography represents/expresses a culture. Class will discuss the culture represented in the photograph, as well as the photography technique implemented.
Time Allocated: Remainder of Lesson

Photography Books
Presentation, computer, projector 
Videos Relating to subject

Find three examples of culture in photography and write a short synopsis about the each photo, the culture and the photography technique.

Contingency Plan
Students could work in pairs to research example, or it could be done as a class. 
Further investigate culture and identity in photography as a class
For a better understanding the class could take a photograph that represents a culture.