Image based on Childhood story

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Subjects: Arts

For students of any age up to graduate grade.

•	Get students thinking about their own and others cultures through comfortable means 

•	Glue sticks
•	textas
•	 A1, A2 and A3 paper
•	Pencils
•	Boards/canvases
•	Cardboard 
•	Craft materials
•	Paint paint brushes

FIRST TEN MINUTES OF LESSON                                                                                                             
•	Allow students to enter the room
•	Ask for quiet
•	Mark the roll 
•	Talk about the project they will be starting, making a work of art based on a scene from their favorite childhood story, 
•	Brainstorm with students about how they might approach the task explain that they can use the craft materials or paint or even negotiate another medium if they would like to produce their scene
•	Explain that they are able to produce their work about personal stories they heard growing up ie something their grandparents told them their parents did 
•	Ask if any students may have any questions about the lesson or what they are doing

•	Talk to support staff if any so that they know what the task is and what they need to do with the individual they are working with. 
•	Circle the room and talk to students about their ideas and how they are going to make the image
•	Half way through get students to stop working and have a look at what other students have made ask if anyone would like to talk about the story they are working from 
•	Ask students how they would feel about sharing their stories later when they are done.
•	Encourage them to continue on with their work.
•	Work around the room encouraging, clarifying

•	Ask students to stop and listen, pens down, chairs etc. allow time for attention to come back in
•	Tell them that they have 10 mins left to pack the room up
•	Explain that:
•	Pens and pencils along with other tools and materials need to be returned to their proper place
•	Work needs to be stored appropriately for the room 
•	When they think they are finished they need to sit quitely
•	Regroup the kids and talk to them about the lesson and if they noticed any image they didn’t recognize anything they wanted