Cartoon Development and comic strip

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Subjects: Arts

For students of 8th to 8th grade.

Lesson Plan Instructor: Jack Snell
Lesson - Cartoon development and comic strip
Grades 8

After completing this project you will be able to:
Understand the basic design elements of a comic strip
Use composition, tone and line work appropriately
Identify a moral/concept they want to explore
Understand design drawing techniques and application

A3 Sketch books
Felt tip pens

Lesson 1

Outline basic steps in creating a cartoon character
Outline design elements
Look at examples of work 
Create own cartoon character

Lesson 2

Outline steps in structuring a comic strip
Learn elements of speech, expression, mood
create storyline
Work on tone and line work

Homework assignment

Finish comic strip using the elements of
5-10 frames
3 different speech bubbles
3 different expressions
A storyline/joke/moral
use of single line or cross hatch tone