Investigating Cultural Advertising Conventions

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Subjects: Arts, Visual Arts

For students of 9th to 10th grade.

Cultural Product Package Design - Lesson 2

Class:Year 10

Duration: 100 minutes (dbl lesson)

Lesson Prepared by: MB

Key Concepts /Specific Learning Outcome(s):
Students will be able to identify how cultural ideologies and symbol systems impacts design strategies with specific reference to colour symbols and community norms. They will demonstrate an ability to analyse the way in which audiences make meaning. They will understand how this is used  to pitch products to specific consumer markets. 

Blank question cards

Assessment/Feedback for the students: 
Pair presentations
Scaffold class discussions
Positive reinforcement
Targeted questioning (identify weakness in comprehension)

Lesson Outline:
Re-cap last lesson – content and context. 5min

Project package design for children's toy - as a class discuss and identify symbols and colours used, and their meanings/messages. 5min

Students to work in pairs and explore a culture, focus on colour and norms that may affect advertising or marketing. Cultures selected as a class to ensure multiple countries are covered and no pairs are doing the same.Create a list of things to research as a class on the board for students to refer to during their investigation.  45min

Class discussion and pair presentations on cultural relevant materials and colour meanings. 20min 

Link back to advertising and packaging of products (relevance). 5min

Students create 3 ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ questions based on their research for re-cap game next lesson. 10min