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Animal Culture 8th 10th Painting, Culture, Surrealism, Animal jen90
Appropriation within Visual Arts 10th 10th Arts, Appropriation, Context, Painting wighj001
Learning Colours 8th 8th Painting, Colour Theory Jessloff
Monet, waterliles warm and cool color paintings 2nd 12th Technology Intergration, Art History, Art, Painting mochatok
Plains Indian Parfleche Link to external lesson plan preschool 5th History, Art, Painting, Native Americans guest guest
Pop Art: Andy Warhol Link to external lesson plan preschool graduate Warhol, Painting, self-portrait, History, Art guest imene
Spanish Surrealists - Miro and Dali 7th graduate Art, Spanish Painters, Surrealism, Painting echo1 guest