Exploring the premiere instruments of the Jazz era

For students of any age up to 4th grade.

SUBJECT:       Music
GRADE Level:   2nd Grade
Time:          30-40 minutes each lesson (2days)

Theme: Exploring the premiere instruments of the Jazz era. 

Students will
1.	identify the various instruments. 
2.	categories each instrument into groups: woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. 
3.	recognize the different sounds that each instrument produces.
4.	list similarities and differences of instruments by describing the instruments and naming some of the parts and features. 

1.	Pictures of musical instruments (bulletin board) 
2.	Compact disc player and recording with jazz songs. 
3.	Recording with different instrument sounds. 
3.  Access to music room 
Teacher will play a jazz song for students. They will be
asked to identify what instruments they hear.
Students’ responses will be written on chalk board. 
         Day 1
1.	Teacher will add instruments that were not mention by students on chalkboard.
2.	Students will then be placed into groups. Each group will pick 2 instruments and write down specific features of each instrument. Students will share their result in a whole class setting. Results will be written on board.
3.	Teacher will write the names of the four basic instrument 
   groups (brass, percussion, woodwinds and strings) on     
4.	Teacher will describe each group and name special features
associated with instruments in each category Teacher will show students pictures of various instrument and talk about the different features. The instruments that the children chose in the activity will be placed in there corresponding group.  
5.	Students will play a guessing game where the teacher holds up pictures of instruments and students will name the instrument and category.

Day 2
1.	Students will visit the music room to observe the   different instruments that they have been learning about.
2.	Teacher will play music of individual instruments. Students will be asked to identify the instrument being play. 

 	Students will be asked specifics about the different instruments that were presented in the lesson.
 	Students will write a report on their favorite instrument and draw a picture. They will share their report with the class.