Animal Culture

For students of 8th to 10th grade.

Animal Culture

Lesson description:
Students will explore themes of surrealism and juxtaposition in regards to their culture. Students are asked to combine two or more animals related to their specific cultural heritage to create a new creature. Students will look at a variety of artists that have used distortion and surrealism in their work. During the process they will explore line, tone, colour, shape and proportion whilst developing individual pieces.

Key words: Culture, Composition, Whimsical, Anthropomorphism, Surrealism, Juxtaposition

Forms: 2d painting and drawing

Frames: subjective, cultural, post modern

Key Practitioners: Albrecht Durer, Hieronymous Bosch, Meret Oppenheim, Sam Leach

To develop an understanding of their cultural heritage and respect for others

 To develop observation skills 
To develop analytical and intuitive capabilities through the appropriate use of materials, processes and techniques
To develop an understanding of the formal elements
To make connections with the work of others

Art making: 
Develop a finished pencil sketch which consists of at least two different animals joined in an inventive manner.

Explore a range of compositions and styles in the preliminary sketches.
Make informed choices about which animals to draw and relate their significance in a short paragraph attached.

Develops variety and independence in selecting and applying visual arts conventions and procedures to make artworks

Creates artworks which are informed by cultural links

Investigates culture as a source of ideas, concepts and subject matter

Applies their understanding of technical aspects of their practice to historical and contemporary artists

Speculate and wonder about 
Express views and feelings
Consolidate ideas and understanding 

Understanding of scale and proportion.

 Use of the internet to research artists, ideas and reference imagery.

 Exploring ideas, feelings, making a personal response, developing self-esteem, valuing different ideas and respect of others opinions.

Drawing and painting media, collage? Variety of paper, ink

Pictures on important artists related to this topic
A3 Paper
Plastic sleeves to keep sketch pages together

General classroom management
Distribution of materials
Safe use of equipment