Hip-Hop Culture and Dance

For students of 10th to 10th grade.

Learning Area(s) Dance 	
Band / Year / Class Year 10	
Duration: 1 double lesson, 1hr 30mins
Prior Knowledge: Hip-Hop Dance
Teacher: David Placentino
Unit: Hip-Hop Culture and Dance
Lesson: What is Hip-Hop?

Overview Statement
Students will expand their understanding of Hip-Hop culture and how hip-hop dance has evolved from that culture?

General objectives for Lesson:
-To generate an understanding of the origins of Hip-Hop culture and Dance
-Students to explore Hip-Hop Dance first form of Up and Down rocking 
-Students to start working towards a class composition of old school hip-hop to be performed at the end of term showcase.

ACARA Content Descriptions:
10.8 Analyse and evaluate a range of past and present dances from
Australia and international contexts to explore differing perspectives and enrich their dance making

General capabilities

Cross-curriculum priorities

ACARA Elaborations:
10.8.5 Exploring dance from different perspectives, for example, analysing philosophies and ideologies that inform dance making in various societies and cultures


1. Research Essay question 1000 words (develop own question)
Sample questions, What is Hip-Hop Culture and how has it influence Hip-hop dance?
How has Hip-hop culture/dance changed since it began?
How is Hip-Hop different from USA to Australia?

2. Old School Hip-Hop class performance

3. Choice between Choreographed Old School piece in groups of three or Hip-Hop Culture Visual project showing elements of Hip-Hop, Rap(poetry), Dance(video), Graffiti(artwork) and DJ(examples of Hip-Hop DJ’s and MCees)

Lesson Resources:

I-pod with old school Hip-Hop tracks
YouTube video of dictionary of Hip-Hop Dance/culture
Internet Access
Laptop and projecting device
Book Dance Studio

Lesson Outline: 45mins in classroom/45mins in studio

5mins: Introduce topic, brainstorm what hip-hop culture is to them and all the Hip-Hop styles they know? Define Old school from new school

30mins: Watch documentary of YouTube Dictionary of Hip-Hop Dance

5mins: Transition to studio, getting changed

45mins: Quick warm-up using up rock and down moves to gauge level and capabilities, and then stretch for 5mins.

Get students in a circle (cipher) to get hip-hop street feel and workshop up-rocking and down-rocking.

Go through technique; make up a sequence on the spot depending on levels of students.

Last 5mins wrap up and explain homework to come-up with research question and decide if they are going to do composition or project; work out groups. Contingency, if they all seem very enthusiastic, make them all do composition. Explain that group class piece will be choreographed all together, using Up-rock/Down-rock, Break dance, Popping and locking and they will be learning these elements over the next 6 weeks.