City History, City Streets

For students of 9th to grade.

Objective: Students will learn a wide variety of facts about their city.

Intro set: Discuss the name of the street on which the school is located.  Is it named after a person, a place, an event? Why? Did it ever have a different name? What did it look like in the past? What sounds would have been heard there? 

Activity: Compile a list of the best-known streets in the city, and give one street name to each student.  Each student will research the street name and create a presentation to deliver to the class.  Additionally, each student will create three quiz questions based on their presentation.  The instructor will distill this list, and make a quiz for the class.  

Synthesis and check for understanding: Ask students to choose partners who have streets that are related in some way.  Partners tell the class what they have in common.  

More synthesis and check for understanding: Ask students to discuss the most interesting facts they heard in the presentations and add those facts to the quiz for next time.  

Check for understanding: Quiz students on facts that were presented.