Coat of Arms

For students of 4th to 9th grade.

Objective: Students will understand their own creative process.

Intro set: Show students a series of coats of arms from some important families of Europe.  Ask the students what the symbols represent.

Discovery: Students create their own coat of arms in class and share their creations with each other.  Then ask them to 

Demonstration: Now take a coat of arms and show the students how to interpret it in a different way.  Draw the same coat of arms in a different way or draw something different that is inspired by the coat of arms.  

Guided practice: Students re-interpret their own coat of arms.  

Independent practice: Students re-interpret their re-interpretation, creating a third design.  

Check for Understanding: Students make a fourth interpretation or, as a alternative, to creat an interpretation of another student's design.  

At the end of the activity, ask students to write a journal entry that describes what they felt and thought about while they were completing the activity.