Recall Survey Project

For students of 4th to 6th grade.

Survey Project

A Recall Survey is a survey used to collect information about past behavior, activities, or habits.  Typically, individual information gathered in such a survey is not precise.  However, estimates based on combined survey data are very worthwhile.

1.	Your task is to design a recall survey for at least 25 people.  Develop a question that includes words like “how much” or “how many” per day.  Example:   How many soft drinks do you drink per day?
2.	Possible topics might include: TV watching, library use, video game time, exercising, shower length, cell phone use, candy bar consumption, computer use, etc.  Be creative! Find out answers to a question that really interests you.
3.	Use at least 2 categories of subjects.  For example: boys/girls or children/teens/adults.  (Make sure you include definitions for each category if needed.)
4.	Collect data on paper.  Transfer data to EXCEL and create at least 2 different types of charts or graphs which show the data. 
5.	Find the different landmarks for your results: mean, median, mode, range.
6.	Write a conclusion paragraph summarizing the results of your survey.  Use ratios or percentages to make comparisons with your data.  How accurate is your data?  Why do you think so?
7.	Create a short slide show in POWERPOINT which shows your question, graphs, and conclusions.