My Web Page

For students of 8th to undergraduate grade.

Group Project = 10 Points

The objectives for this activity are:
	Turn a Word (pre Vista versions Mac,or Windows) document into a Web page
	Enhance the appearance of the Web page
	Add hyperlinks
	Preview the Web page in a Browser
	Edit the Web page from the Browser using Word
	Share Web page with classmates
	Peer Review a Web page

At the beginning this course, each of you created an e-mail introduction to the rest of the class.  Now you will enhance that document using formatting features. 5 points

1.   Copy your introduction and paste it into Word
2.   Save As:  Your Name 2006
3.   Save As:  YourName_Web page
4.   Apply a theme
5.   Add a two-column/five row table: 
      * Title Column A = To Move    
      * Title Column B = Press
6.   List in the table how to navigate within a table
7.   Insert a graphic
8.   Provide a mailto link to your e-mail address
9.   Create a link within your Web page
10.  Include links to three (3) of your Favorite Web sites> Save
11.  View it in the browser> File>Open>Browse
12.  Edit, save, and send it to the classmate whose name follows yours on the class list (last name on the list sends to first name)

When you receive your classmates Web page, check for the following:
	Readability: Can you easily read the text?
	Theme: Dark text/light background; Light text/dark background
	Balance: Is the table centered?
	Links: Do the hyperlinks work?
	E-mail comments to sender: cc that e-mail to me.  5 points