For students of any age up to graduate grade.

Class: After School Tutoring 

Goal:  To establish individual accounts for each student to be used for any research project they have.

1. Review GaleNet software recently purchased by our state department of education. ( is a subscription database used for endless searches. You can search by reading levels/subjects/favorites/templates for outlines and research papers. It will also give you the MLA or APA citations for each source.) "Favorites" folder will be practiced.

2. Have the students now use GOOGLE to find 3 articles related to "world war I".

3. After the students have attempted to write down URL's; give
each student a copy of David Muir's "Simply" guideline.  Following Mr Muir's steps, each student will open an account. 

4. Ask for suggestions: If you could search a word to find "world war I ", what word would you try? (collect words on the board)

5. Have each child search for an article on world war I. Notice the different sites each child has. Have each student "tag" their site to using as many words as they can to describe their site.

6. Allow them 10 min to search and tag sites on "world war I". Click on their button to view their folder. Using Mr Muir's guideline, search other sites with similar tags.

Summary: quick research/easy to "tag" a site to view later/see sites other students have found/ "Favorites" are not kept on original computer/readily catagorized

Authored by Carylnm