Writing Lesson Plans

For students of undergraduate to graduate grade.

Objective: teachers will learn how to write a seven-step lesson plan.

Anticipatory Set: show a video clip of a teacher giving a highly effective lesson.

Modification: (add this)
show video clips of teachers who are not providing a highly effective lesson. 

Discovery: ask teachers to make a list of things that the teachers probably considered in preparation for the lesson.  Ask them further to make a list of all the things they consider when preparing a lesson.  Look for opportunities to interject common lesson plan terminology into the discussion: anticipatory set, purpose, objective, lecture, discovery, guided practice, independent practice, check for understanding, closure, reflection, etc.

Modification: (add this)
Teachers will compare and contrast the highly effective lesson to the other lessons seen on video noting what they think are positive teaching characteristics.

Guided Practice: ask teachers to create a lesson plan in their area of expertise.  Teachers work together. (I would omit this part.)

Modification: provide teachers with an incomplete lesson plan that needs their expertise to complete. As teachers review this lesson plan, allow for whole group discussion concerning what is lacking, changes that should be made, goals, and final outcomes.

Independent Practice: ask students to create a second lesson plan in their area of expertise.  Teachers work independently and then compare lesson plans.  

Check For Understanding: quiz teachers on the seven or eight steps and what they are for.

Modification: (I don't think the above is necessary if they can develop the lesson plan. The lesson plan should serve as evidence of understanding.)