Spanish Surrealists - Miro and Dali

For students of 7th to graduate grade.

Lesson Plan   Instructor - Echo Ukrainetz
Lesson - Spanish Surrealistic Painters:  Miro and Dali
Grades 7-12

After completing this project you will be able to:
Define the term surrealism
Identify surrealist art
Identify works by Miro and Dali

Surrealism is a style in which fantastic visual images from
the subconscious mind are used without trying
to make the work logical.

Assignment #1

Define surrealism and explore the artwork of Miro and Dali.
Using explore the web sites under the key words surrealism, Dali and Miro. Find 2 examples form each artist that best represents the definition.

Assignment #2

Go to the website on del.ic.ious that is titled collage maker to create a one-of-a-kind surrealist work of art!   Search under key word collage.
Follow the easy directions on the website and create your own work of art using real images in an unreal setting.

Assignment #3

Go the site in del.ic.ious under the key word artpad.  Create a work of art with black lines and bright colors using the concepts employed of Miro.

Assignment #4 - Class project

Make 2 power point slides of your 2 pieces of artwork for a class presentation on surrealism. Put the title of your work and your name on the bottom of each slide.
Put your power point slide in the class folder.

Assignment #5 

Surrealistic interpretation ? Go to the key words Miro, Dali, or surrealism in del.ic.ious and find a piece of surrealist artwork that really speaks to you.  Prepare an oral presentation for the class explaining what the piece of artwork means to you and what makes it a surrealistic piece of artwork.