Flickr-Social Tagging Lesson Plan

For students of 9th to 12th grade.

Flickr ?Social Tagging Lesson Plan

Objective: To identify and explain physics concepts in the ?real world?

?	Computer with internet access
?	Word processing program
?	Email access

Each physics unit introduces new concepts, and the student would be charged with searching out the flickr photo database to find an appropriate picture that explains something that we covered over the duration of the unit. The student would use the ?social tagging? of pictures to help to navigate the millions of uploaded photos on the site. 

The assignment would have the following parameters:
1.	1 Word processed page-Word, Appleworks or other comparable format
2.	Title explaining the physics concept 
3.	Copy of the photo in the document
4.	Short one paragraph write-up containing;
        a.	What physics concept is being pictured.
        b.	Explanation of the physics concept using appropriate terminology
        c.	Why this picture was chosen.
5.	The file would be emailed to the instructor?s email by the designated due date.

The assignment will be graded on the following criteria:
1.	Appropriateness:
        a.	Does the picture show a good example of the physics concept?
2.	Explanation: 
        a.	Is the explanation correct and accurate?
        b.	Is the explanation thorough?
        c.	Are the proper terms used?
3.	Originality
        a.	Is the picture unique?