Writing Lesson- The Autobiography of Anything

For students of 6th to 8th grade.

Description of Task:

Everything has a story! Everything basically starts from the earth. Collect an assortment of "things:"
-Piece of Paper
-Rubber Band
-Paper Clip
-Cotton Socks
-Wooden Desk

Students will imagine the life story the life of each of those "things." Describe their history backwards through the personal use, purchase, manufacture, to original natural resources from which it or its components were made. Personify the thing by giving it a name and identify that tell its story like an autobiography. 

1.	Tell the tale of a piece of chart paper originated from the forest of trees. 
2.	The plastic clog was produced from oil that became plastic and then back to the prehistoric plants that created the oil.


-communicate ideas and information for specific purposes and to specific audiences 
-produce pieces of writing using a variety of forms (e.g., simple research reports, letters, stories, poems);
-use materials from other media (e.g., internet) to enhance their writing;
-revise and edit their work, using feedback from the teacher and their peers through ;
-proofread and correct their final drafts;
-introduce new words from their reading into their writing;

Students must be able to:

-Begin their internet research by learning, How it was Made, they will save their bookmarks in either ikeepbookmarks.com or del.lic.ous.com so that they can retrieve links in various locations, classroom, lab, home

-Use Smart Ideas graphic organizer to create a visual outline of their story from beginning, middle and end.

-Proof read their final story 
-Post it to the class wiki- found at 
http://autobiographylesson.wikispaces.com (this is a private space-each student will be registered with their ePals email address)
-Read classmates entry and edit (append) to their work. (collaborative effort)


-Writing Rubric
-Technology Rubric; Use of Word Processing; Internet Research/internet bookmarking; Graphic Organizer;  Wiki tool provided by Wiki Spaces.