A Wiki Story

For students of 5th to 5th grade.


Objective:  Students will learn how to use a wiki.
The student will understand what a wiki is and how it can be used in the learning community.  
The student will add to the story.
The student will edit  the story.


The teacher will put a prompt on the class wiki. The first student will begin the story. Each student will go to the wiki and add to the story.  The student may also edit anything that has already been written.  After every student has a chance to add to the story, they will have another chance to go and read the story and do any editing that they feel will improve the story.  After everyone has had a chance to edit the story.  The story will be printed.  However, the story will stay on the wiki for further additions and edits.


It is difficult to evaluate the collaborative work of a group in wiki’s. One way to assist the teacher is to have students describe their learning experiences in a reflective journal which includes both personal and peer evaluation. They may also provide feedback on how they would use this tool next time or for their personal use.