Creating a Logo for Your Website

For students of 9th to graduate grade.

Objective: students will be able to create an effective website logo.

Materials needed:


Technology to be used:

Word Processing Application
Internet connection
Paintshop, Photoshop, or some other graphics editing program.

Students will complete these steps.

1. Come up with an idea for an internet business and type up your idea and save the document for future editing.
2. Sketch out ideas for a website pertaining to your internet business.
3. Adding to the document created in step 1, make a list of other types of businesses that are related in some way (even loosely) to your internet business idea.
3. Search for those websites.
4. Critique the logos on those sites located during your search.
5. Create your business' logo using a graphics editing program.  Save your logo file.
6. Present your logo comparing it to the ones critiqued prior to creating your own.
7. Explain how you used the logos from the other websites; what did you like/dislike about the logs found on the internet.

Students will be graded on the following using a rubric:
A.  Originality of their internet business.
B.  Detail given to the sketch of their business' website.
C.  Detail given to the critique of other internet business' logo.
D.  Originality of their own business' logo.
E.  Use of the graphics application.
F.  Quality of their presentation discussing their created logo.

This lesson is designed for a college-level internet commerce class, but it would be great for students of almost any age.  Students should discuss what level of "borrowing" is ok before it becomes plagiarism.