Photography Lesson

For students of 10th to 12th grade.

Objective: All yearbook students must have a minimum level of expertise with a camera. 


A.  Have a professional photographer come to the class and give pointers on photography, including showing his or her work.  
B.  Prepare a public, invitation-only account on Flickr
C.  Prepare a list of photos required of each student 
    1.	A group of at least four people 
    2.	A shot taken outdoors at night 
    3.	A head shot of a single individual  
    4.	A sports action or practice shot 
    5.	A photo taken in a classroom setting 
    6.	A school spirit shot (pep rally, assembly, etc.) 
    7.	A miscellaneous photo (optional) 


Students have two weeks to take the photos in the above 6 categories. They may enter any subject in the miscellaneous category.

Students will upload pictures to the Flickr account with appropriate tags. (i.e. group of 4 people, etc.)


A contest is a great opportunity for students to show their work.

Ask a local photographer to choose the winner in each category. A former student photographer or art teacher could also serve as a judge, but not the instructor. 

Have the judge choose a first, second and third place in each category and write comments to make it a learning lesson for the students. 

When you have received placings and comments back from the judge (who will also have access to the Flickr account), print the top photos in each category and display in the media center.

Post Flickr passwords in the media center to encourage students to compare the top pictures.