ABC of Alliteration

For students of 1st to 5th grade.

Title: ABC of Alliteration

Content Area: English Grammar/Creative Writing

Objectives: Students will understand the various elements of the poetry genre. Students will be able to apply the elements of poetry in a written form. Students will generate original thoughts to be shared with an audience for a specific purpose.

Purpose: The students will generate short forms of alliteration. The generated pieces are to be shared with members of our classroom Internet audience.

Materials Needed: Computers, Audacity software, dictionaries, thesaurus, and graphic organizer. In addition, the students will receive a work in progress (WIP)checklist. A teacher created rubric will be used for assessment of final product.
Internet Website:

Time Frame: 3x 40 minute sessions

1. The students will listen to a teacher created podcast explaining and modelling of alliteration.

2. The students will draw an index card from a box to see what letter they will have to alliterate for the assignment. 

3. Using the reference materials such as a dictionary and thesaurus, the students will generate a list of 20-25 words from which to refer to during the writing process. The words must be from the various parts of speech in order to provide enough repetitive sound in their written work.

4. The students will use a graphic organizer to write sentence samples for the project.

5. The students will peer conference in order to determine which of their samples meets the criteria of the assignment.

6. The teacher will introduce Audacity to the class via the Promethean Board. The teacher will model how to produce a recording.

6. The students will be assigned a recording session time. The students will record their piece with the aid of a friend.

7. The students will use to find a suitable pictures which might illustrate their alliteration. The students will analyze the various examples using a visual checklist. The student will then use the data found during their research to generate a picture of their own making.

8. The student will scan their photo and save in their H: drive.

9. The teacher will upload the student work to the website as the project is finished in the form of a webpage. The student work will open in a new window.

10. The teacher will announce the unveiling of the student work in the weekly newsletter and through email announcement.

Product/Assessment: The checklist will serve as a monitoring aid for students through the course of the project. The teacher created rubric will be used just prior to the publishing of the student work for the final student evaluation, and then used by the teacher to score the student work.