Integrating Writing into Math

For students of 9th to 12th grade.

This project will require students to create and post a portfolio which will consist of samples of the work they have completed in during the first nine weeks of school. This portfolio will be required for all levels of math.

Students may use class notes, course workbooks and textbooks, quizzes and tests as resources for the sample work to be included in the portfolio.

Math typically deals with numbers. This portfolio will provide the opportunity for students to use their writing skills to help others understand the concepts they have learned in their math course.

Students will take the topics covered and examples of the concepts and using their writing skills, the student will write out the processes (steps) used to solve problems. 

Students will be required to find pictures of real world applications of the concepts chosen to be included in the portfolio. Students will be required to upload and share the pictures using Students are required to again use their writing skills to provide a clear and concise description of the picture and related concept.

Students will required to use to bookmark and link their portfolios. All student portfolios will be under to same tag.