Microscopy and Histology: Flickr meets science lab

For students of 9th to graduate grade.

Purpose:  The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to the concept of "tagging" on the social picture sharing website, Flickr.

Objectives:  As a result of this lab students will be able to:
1.  microscopically identify the cells, tissues and organs of the human body.
2.  Photograph tissue samples through the microscope.
3.  Upload and tag photos in Flickr.
4.  Search for others photos using Flickr search.

Materials: (per group)
Prepared slides of various tissues
Digital Camera

1.  Orient the students to proper microscope use and handling.
2.  Teach students how to photograph tissue samples with the digital camera.
3.  Explain how to upload and tag pictures to flickr.
4.  Students identify each tissue type available and photograph sample.
5.  Students upload photographs to flickr and appropriately tag photos.
6.  Have students compare tissues of the same type by searching for the appropriate tag.