Descriptive Writing

For students of 3rd to 4th grade.

Descriptive Writing

Purpose: To help students increase their ability to write detailed descriptions of places, people, and or things.
The students will write a descriptive paragraph with teacher assistance.
Prerequisite Computer Skills:
Uploading pictures
Adding and removing links

Computer lab
Animal pictures
Graphic Organizers
Chart paper

Time Frame:
1.5 hours 
Engagement, procedure, guided practice, and independent practice 

1.5 hours 
Training how to edit and use Capileiratic wikispace  as well as how to copy and save pictures from Baby to upload * The teacher should be very familiar with the skills of copying and saving as well as using Capileiratic wikispace before training the students

1 hour
Check for understanding

The teacher will give a description of an animal to the students.  The teacher will incorporate the various science vocabulary terms used to describe the attributes and characteristics of animals as it relates to the classification of animlas. The students will guess the animal.  The teacher will either confirm or reject the answers the students give. Discuss with the students what made guessing the animal easy and what made it hard. The teacher will use a graphic organizer, such as a Venn Diagram to record the students responses.

 The teacher will show one animal picture to the students.  The students will discuss what they noticed in the picture with the teacher. On one piece of chart paper the teacher will write down the students' answers. The teacher will go over the chart with the students pointing out the descriptive phrases. The teacher will act as facilitator for the students by helping them categorize the various usages of descriptive language. The class will use their ideas to build a descriptive web graphic organizer to be used later by the students independently. Refering to class generated chart paper with the descriptive phrases, the teacher will compose a descriptive paragraph about the animal picture with help from the students.

Guided Practice: 
The students will choose one animal picture from the stack of animal pictures.  Then the students will compose a detailed description of their picture with help from the teacher using pencil and paper. The students will use the webgraphic organizer to develop their thoughts prior to writing. Teacher will provide feedback as to whether or not the student is on target with the objective. 

Independent Practice: 
Using the web graphic organizer, the students will take another animal picture and write a detailed description of the animal using pencil and paper.

Computer Lab Training:
Take the students to the lab and train them on how to edit and use Capileiratic wikispace as well as how to copy and save using the website Baby

The students will log on to Capileiratic wikispace and add a new animal description. The students will use the website Baby to obtain pictures

Have the students log on to Capileiratic wikispace and edit one of the animal descriptions.
Internet Resources:
Animals descriptions