Using a Digital Microscope

For students of 5th to 8th grade.

This lesson is intended for use with the Motic Digi300 USB microscope.  It could be adapted for use with other digital microscopes.

Micro Images	

Microscopes are used to view objects at higher magnifications.  Digital microscopes are capable of viewing an object and saving a digital image of the object for further study.

Use the microscope to capture and measure objects at a microscopic level.

? Successfully operate the digital microscope
? Collect a variety of magnified images
? Use the MoticPlay tools to measure objects
? Upload images to

? Start the program Motic Play to operate the microscope.  
? Notice the 2 light switches on the back side of the microscope.  You can increase or decrease light from the bottom and/or top of the object being viewed.
? Click Capture to collect and image
? Use the Motic tools to measure a part or section of your image (i.e. the width of a strand of hair, the area of a cell)
? In the Gallery, you need to export the image to your flash drive (in .jpg format) for later use.
? Select  a series of objects to view using the microscope 
? capture images at different magnifications
? Copy and minipulate them for inclustion in
? Upload images to
? As you upload your images, add tags that properly identify them for global searches
Make a word document with 3 images and comments on each image that include?
1.	Object name
2.	Magnification viewed
3.	Measurement taken
4.	General comment (2-5 sentences)
5.    post to